Association of Senior Salaried Employees in Nokia Solutions  and Networks Capital Area  

NOPSY ry has been established to gather together senior salaried employees and for looking after our interests.

NOPSY is an independent registered association, but all NOPSY members must be also members in some of the YTN's affiliates.

Joining Nopsy ry

You can join Nopsy ry by giving the requested information in email to membership register. Link is available in NOPSY's NSN intranet pages. Joining is safe and free. Do not hesitate to consult representatives of senior salaried employees and Nopsy Board members if you have any questions about joining NOPSY ry and YTN affiliates. 


  • info and discussion sessions during the negotiation process of common agreement
  • salary and opinion surveys
  • training coordination of employee representatives
  • connections to YTN's affiliates and decision-making bodies
  • follow-up of employment related activities at European level
  • cooperation with occupational safety organisation
  • info and discussion sessions during the cooperation negotiations 


NOPSY Chair: puheenjohtaja (at) nopsy (dot) fi

Secretary: sihteeri (at) nopsy (dot) fi

WEB administration: admin (at) nopsy (dot) fi